Sex, Sex, More Sex (Toys)

My last semester at university has kept me rather busy; busy with, interestingly, sex! Oh, not me having sex - if only that were true! Unfortunately, my dear SO lives too far away for me to spend time cuddling OR having mindblowingly hot sex. This difficulty is eased by having mindblowingly hot phone sex.

Anyway, back to the sex that I'm not getting, as related to academia. I'm taking two courses related to sex this semester. The first is an anthropology course titled, aptly, "Sex and Gender". It's absolutely fascinating so far; we're reading articles and scholarly books on gender and sex differences not just in the US but across cultures. For example, Nanda's Gender Diversity surveys transgendered and third-gender systems across the world - from India's hijras to the sworn virgins of the Balkans.

The second course is a course on 18th century literature, as it describes and relates to various forms of deviancy! For example, we're reading some of Defoe's works, as well as extraordinary explicit excerpts (practically pornography!) from Libertine literature. When Flesh Becomes Word is definitely not a book to read in public - explicit illustrations abound.

I tried out the Impulse Flexi P, as mentioned in my last blog post. It's a traditional vibrator that can "flex", and I absolutely adore it. It's my new favorite toy!

Insertable Length: 5.5"
Circumference: 5" (not too big, but definitely not for a total beginner)
Functions: 4 straight vibration settings, 1 "revving"/wave setting, 1 pulse, 1 pulse-vibe setting.
Maker: CEN

Why do I like it so much? It's pretty good to "fuck" with, but the best part is that it can be bent up toward the g-spot, and then just left in on the highest vibration or, if you're like me, the pulsation setting, use your fingers or another vibe on the clitoris, and off you go to a really, really, REALLY nice orgasm. The Flexi is phthalate-free, which is always good, though it's made of TPR, not silicone. That's kind of a bummer, especially considering that it's almost $50, but if you're worried about the TPR or you want to share it, stick a condom over it.

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