Aaaand a Month Later...

Hah, just as the title says!

I'll be another year older in a few days; in four, to be precise. I feel old!

Of late I've been concerning myself with scholastic endeavors; I went to a conference over my school's winter break, and had a blast (okay, part of that was the drinking after I gave my paper and could let loose). I'm currently looking for a job for once I graduate, so if anyone's still reading this and would like to employ me in the fields of women's issues, social justice, or hell, the adult industry in a non-sex worker sort of way (as in, working in the office of a toy company, not being a porn film starlet!), drop me a line!

I'm back from my hiatus with EdenFantasys, and my latest item is the Impulse Flexi P. It's a semi-traditional vibrator - it's posaable/bendable, and the TPR is soft but not too soft. It's purple (my favorite color), and has a smell that is, surprisingly, not unpleasant! It's vaguely baby powder-like. I wouldn't want to smell it all day, but it doesn't have that nasty phthalate or "new plastic" scent. It seems thick but not terrifying and long enough to, hopefully, hit my g-spot. We'll see, when I try it out soon.

The packaging is nice enough; there are no pictures of half-naked women on the box (thank you California Exotic!). Padding inside of the box leaves something to be desired, though as always EF packaged the item carefully.

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marcelloNYC said...

Happy Belated Birthday!