My review of the Impulse Flexi P is up on EdenFantasys; as I said in my last post I adore it, even if I do wish that it was silicone. It can be found here: Impulse Flexi P.

I've also asked to try my first plug; a rather non-intimidating affair known as a "Rump Shakers small" (since, of course, it vibrates. Maybe I should invest in Duracell stock. And rechargeable batteries!). It's so non-intimidating, in fact, that it won't...stay...in. The neck isn't narrow enough as compared to the widest point of the plug.

Which is fine, if you want to fuck with it, and the buzzing provides rather iiiiinteresting sensations. However, for those women and men who want something that stays put, I must recommend finding a toy with a narrower neck and a wider "widest point". I do, however, like the fact that the controller detaches from the plug; if one gets enthusiastic and tugs, the plug (of the wire!) will just come out of the controller instead of the wire breaking. I do wish that it detached at the base of the buttplug; then the plug could be used independently, though I wouldn't try to walk around with it since, as I said, it won't really stay in. Maybe with a tight pair of panties/pants and tape to keep the wire from getting everywhere, but by then you might as well just get a second plug.

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