Lack of Updates, and Reviews

So, due to the fact that my final papers and exams and such were rather time-consuming, I haven't written in, well, quite some time!

My two latest reviews are up at EdenFantasys: the Foot Long Sex Toy Case and Fun Factory's Meany.

I love the FYN case; in fact it made the trip with me home, packed with my two favorite toys (a rabbit and a g-spot vibe) and some lube (as I noted in my review, bag your lube in plastic to prevent a big, nasty mess). I loved the Meany until it stopped working. Unfortunately, while the helpful folks at EF offered suggestions, it stayed broken. Lemons!

Christmas fast approaches and I am reminded of a few things, some of them sexual and some not.

1. I would really love a Hitachi magic wand for Christmas. Of course, I also want a rechargeable, phthalates-free vibrator, and an "Internet-enabled" vibe so that M and I can really have some fun, but my wallet can't handle that kind of pressure!

2. I also really want a corset; theoretically I could build one for myself, though I'm not sure if I have sturdy fabric on hand for it. I have plenty of muslin to act as lining, though I wouldn't mind something a little softer. I might need to cannibalize the utility fabric from a planned Renaissance costume. I have big zip ties that can serve as boning, as well as grommets and lacing; I'd need to order a busk, though, which could really cramp my style in terms of time. I KNOW I have a pattern around here for a Victorian style corset; though it'll be in a bigger size than the last one I made (four years of college living will do that...).

3. I really wish that I could spend Christmas day in bed with M instead of at a huge table in a loud restaurant with my semi-dysfunctional family (and no M in sight). If M and I end up married someday, I'd rather like to do that one Christmas! Admittedly, it would probably irritate everyone in both families, so maybe we'll do that on Christmas Eve day?

4. I should really go out and get some batteries tomorrow. I went to the trouble of packing up my two favorite toys and taking them on the plane with me, but I left the batteries at school - I was worried they'd be mistaken for explosives.


Seen Before, But...

I'm sure this has made the blog-rounds already, but it amuses me:


It's apparently not the entire short, but it's enough.

I burst out laughing when the narrator stated that some girls experience a little less "pep", a feeling of pressure, and "perhaps the occasional twinge or touch of nerves".

I wish I only experienced a slight twinge or touch of nerves; anyone who knows me knows that I'm basically impossible to live with for about a week and a half.

Two In One Week!

The "Meany", by Fun Factory, and the "For Your Nymphomation Foot Long Toy Case" arrived today. I'm only required to review one, but I don't mind reviewing the FYN case too.

First impressions:

FYN Case:
- Well made
- Despite the fact that it's purple (which I asked for! I love purple), it looks rather classy. It has a leather look,
- The lock and keys seem solidly made
- It fits all of the toys I need most, plus room for TWO lubes
Caveat: Put your lube in a plastic baggy if you plan to travel. While this bag can probably handle it, it will keep everything else cleaner (including your clothes, since the zipper area is probably not liquid/water proof) if the lube opens mid-flight.
- It's soft-sided; if you plan to travel with a glass toy, pad said toy to protect it.

- It's adorable
- Silicone! No phthalates!
- It's not intimidating (so there will be no exclamations of "Ahaha ogod you want me to stick that where?!")
- The package and instructions have multiple languages
- It doesn't smell gross!
- It's weighty but not heavy
- Ten straight vibration speeds, 3 vibration "programs"
- Surprisingly quiet
- Waterproof
- Lube sample included (which I will not try - it contains glycerin. Glycerin and I don't get along!)