I think I may be spoiled forever!

The LELO Gigi arrived today, and I may just be forever spoiled. THIS is how sex toys (pardon me, pleasure objects) should be. The box is suitable for a gift - it resembles nothing so much (once you take off the outer cardboard box) as an oversized jewelry box. A hard plastic frame serves to keep the Gigi in place, and underneath that are the charger, satin pouch (not padded, sadly) and warranty/user guide.

It comes with a one year warranty - yes, really. The user manual has illustrations to show the various parts of the Gigi, and instructions on how to charge, use, and troubleshoot. While English is my native tongue, the warranty and manual have five languages covered: English, German, French, Spanish and the last one appears to be Japanese.

It actually looks a little, well, small, but we'll see what happens once I get over the fact that the Gigi is just plain beautiful (did I mention it comes in purple?).

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Essin' Em said...

I feel you'll change your mind once you try it...especially if you are ever as lucky as I was and are able to have a partner to fuck you with it.

Because d-aaaaaamn. I was making noises I have never made before, and haven't made since.

Plus, it's super quiet :)