Addendum, and New EF ad

One last gush about the Gigi, literally: I actually managed, in a shocking turn of events (well, I was shocked!), to ejaculate. I'm rather pleased by this, as is my partner - it's partly his fault, after all, since he was verbally coaxing me into an orgasm at the time.

This despite the fact that I'm sick with what is either a really nasty head cold, or the beginnings of the flu.

In other news, I changed the EF ad on the blog. It's at least a little neat, right? It has my four favorites of the small selection of toys I've reviewed. The top one is the most recent (Gigi); the rest are other favorites, including the lube I adore, and would adore even more if it was all natural. If you click on them you'll be taken to the particular item's page on EdenFantasys' website, and if you click on the "Reviews" tab you'll be able to see mine!

And hey, if you happen to buy something while you're there, all to the better!

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