Addendum, and New EF ad

One last gush about the Gigi, literally: I actually managed, in a shocking turn of events (well, I was shocked!), to ejaculate. I'm rather pleased by this, as is my partner - it's partly his fault, after all, since he was verbally coaxing me into an orgasm at the time.

This despite the fact that I'm sick with what is either a really nasty head cold, or the beginnings of the flu.

In other news, I changed the EF ad on the blog. It's at least a little neat, right? It has my four favorites of the small selection of toys I've reviewed. The top one is the most recent (Gigi); the rest are other favorites, including the lube I adore, and would adore even more if it was all natural. If you click on them you'll be taken to the particular item's page on EdenFantasys' website, and if you click on the "Reviews" tab you'll be able to see mine!

And hey, if you happen to buy something while you're there, all to the better!


Readers? (also, sex-related things and Florida)

What's this? There are readers? Ooer.

(Essin'Em even commented, but see below for why I was too silly/busy to OK it for publishing until now, oops!)

In between receiving the Gigi and my trip to Florida (ugh, planes!), I was able to try said toy (sorry, Pleasure Object *g*) out a few times, once with the SO "coaching" me by phone. Long-distance sucks, but just hearing his voice saying something as (theoretically) innocuous as "I love you" is enough to send a little thrill down my spine.

You can imagine how the words "Rub my clit with it, slave" make me react. I swear I could "hear" his eyes lighting up when I said "five functions and ten speeds for each one" in response to "tell me what it does."

Yes, Essin'Em, I definitely have a different opinion of the Gigi's size now that I've tried it. For something that small, it really, REALLY hits the g-spot. My one complaint/whinge about its actual functioning is that it has this irritating tendency to randomly shut off. This only happens when I'm nearing an orgasm and when it's inside of me, of course. I keep poking at it to see what I'm doing to turn it off - I know I'm not accidentally hitting the control pad, but I'm not sure what does it. Of course, it doesn't happen when I'm just holding the Gigi. Clearly LELO makes sentient toys and it wants to tease me!

Florida was fun; I actually have a smidgen of a tan, which will probably fade in the next day or two. I relived my childhood, since my family dragged me off to Disney World, which was more fun than I thought it would be (the long drive from my parents' place to Orlando was not so fun, since their car is small and I was stuck in the back seat). My elderly great aunt and uncle are down from Queens and staying at my aunt's house, and so I spent an afternoon with that part of the family.

I don't "hope I'll never get old" or anything, but it's difficult watching my family bicker over the pair of them - mom and her sister have guardianship, and the entire family fights over every goddamn decision, including whether to send them to a nursing home, whether to visit on day x or y, who's calling which doctor/insurance company, what restaurant to go to (my great-uncle is particularly determined to make us all crazy; my aunt's husband is particularly determined to be selfish and want it all HIS way), etc etc etc. Talk of the situation inundates nearly my every interaction with my family, and my mother's every interaction with...everyone she knows. Also waiters. Also clerks. Etc.

Florida was fun and I love my family but I am really, really happy to be safely ensconced back in my little dorm, where I'm only reachable by cellphone. I can plead homework, a trip to the bathroom, or some other excuse when someone really gets going on the subject.

I can't imagine how stressed out my mother is, but sometimes I just can't take hearing about it - like when mom had a two-hour conversation with her best friend (my aunt-by-friendship), her friend's cousins, my dad and I, over dessert. I actually got up and cleared the table, washed things, cleaned up the kitchen, etc, because I was going nuts and wanted something to do other than listen to my mother give extended voice to her frustrations for the 5th time that day.


I think I may be spoiled forever!

The LELO Gigi arrived today, and I may just be forever spoiled. THIS is how sex toys (pardon me, pleasure objects) should be. The box is suitable for a gift - it resembles nothing so much (once you take off the outer cardboard box) as an oversized jewelry box. A hard plastic frame serves to keep the Gigi in place, and underneath that are the charger, satin pouch (not padded, sadly) and warranty/user guide.

It comes with a one year warranty - yes, really. The user manual has illustrations to show the various parts of the Gigi, and instructions on how to charge, use, and troubleshoot. While English is my native tongue, the warranty and manual have five languages covered: English, German, French, Spanish and the last one appears to be Japanese.

It actually looks a little, well, small, but we'll see what happens once I get over the fact that the Gigi is just plain beautiful (did I mention it comes in purple?).


Friday Humor: Abstinence-Only Driver's Ed


"The ONLY 100 percent effective method for avoiding car accidents is to ABSTAIN from driving until marriage."

It just gets better from there.

Courtesy Feministing.



My review of the Impulse Flexi P is up on EdenFantasys; as I said in my last post I adore it, even if I do wish that it was silicone. It can be found here: Impulse Flexi P.

I've also asked to try my first plug; a rather non-intimidating affair known as a "Rump Shakers small" (since, of course, it vibrates. Maybe I should invest in Duracell stock. And rechargeable batteries!). It's so non-intimidating, in fact, that it won't...stay...in. The neck isn't narrow enough as compared to the widest point of the plug.

Which is fine, if you want to fuck with it, and the buzzing provides rather iiiiinteresting sensations. However, for those women and men who want something that stays put, I must recommend finding a toy with a narrower neck and a wider "widest point". I do, however, like the fact that the controller detaches from the plug; if one gets enthusiastic and tugs, the plug (of the wire!) will just come out of the controller instead of the wire breaking. I do wish that it detached at the base of the buttplug; then the plug could be used independently, though I wouldn't try to walk around with it since, as I said, it won't really stay in. Maybe with a tight pair of panties/pants and tape to keep the wire from getting everywhere, but by then you might as well just get a second plug.


Sex, Sex, More Sex (Toys)

My last semester at university has kept me rather busy; busy with, interestingly, sex! Oh, not me having sex - if only that were true! Unfortunately, my dear SO lives too far away for me to spend time cuddling OR having mindblowingly hot sex. This difficulty is eased by having mindblowingly hot phone sex.

Anyway, back to the sex that I'm not getting, as related to academia. I'm taking two courses related to sex this semester. The first is an anthropology course titled, aptly, "Sex and Gender". It's absolutely fascinating so far; we're reading articles and scholarly books on gender and sex differences not just in the US but across cultures. For example, Nanda's Gender Diversity surveys transgendered and third-gender systems across the world - from India's hijras to the sworn virgins of the Balkans.

The second course is a course on 18th century literature, as it describes and relates to various forms of deviancy! For example, we're reading some of Defoe's works, as well as extraordinary explicit excerpts (practically pornography!) from Libertine literature. When Flesh Becomes Word is definitely not a book to read in public - explicit illustrations abound.

I tried out the Impulse Flexi P, as mentioned in my last blog post. It's a traditional vibrator that can "flex", and I absolutely adore it. It's my new favorite toy!

Insertable Length: 5.5"
Circumference: 5" (not too big, but definitely not for a total beginner)
Functions: 4 straight vibration settings, 1 "revving"/wave setting, 1 pulse, 1 pulse-vibe setting.
Maker: CEN

Why do I like it so much? It's pretty good to "fuck" with, but the best part is that it can be bent up toward the g-spot, and then just left in on the highest vibration or, if you're like me, the pulsation setting, use your fingers or another vibe on the clitoris, and off you go to a really, really, REALLY nice orgasm. The Flexi is phthalate-free, which is always good, though it's made of TPR, not silicone. That's kind of a bummer, especially considering that it's almost $50, but if you're worried about the TPR or you want to share it, stick a condom over it.


Aaaand a Month Later...

Hah, just as the title says!

I'll be another year older in a few days; in four, to be precise. I feel old!

Of late I've been concerning myself with scholastic endeavors; I went to a conference over my school's winter break, and had a blast (okay, part of that was the drinking after I gave my paper and could let loose). I'm currently looking for a job for once I graduate, so if anyone's still reading this and would like to employ me in the fields of women's issues, social justice, or hell, the adult industry in a non-sex worker sort of way (as in, working in the office of a toy company, not being a porn film starlet!), drop me a line!

I'm back from my hiatus with EdenFantasys, and my latest item is the Impulse Flexi P. It's a semi-traditional vibrator - it's posaable/bendable, and the TPR is soft but not too soft. It's purple (my favorite color), and has a smell that is, surprisingly, not unpleasant! It's vaguely baby powder-like. I wouldn't want to smell it all day, but it doesn't have that nasty phthalate or "new plastic" scent. It seems thick but not terrifying and long enough to, hopefully, hit my g-spot. We'll see, when I try it out soon.

The packaging is nice enough; there are no pictures of half-naked women on the box (thank you California Exotic!). Padding inside of the box leaves something to be desired, though as always EF packaged the item carefully.